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Back to 1942 opens on Dec. 7 at Seattle’s AMC Pacific Place 11. 

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New York City’s Lower East Side- from a street fair on Hester St hosted by the Overseas Chinese Mission Church to the hustle and bustle of Mott St, and finally to the familiar comforts of TriBeCa along Chambers St.

Chinatown, NYC.

Bacon wrap?

Bacon wrap?

Behind the Scenes: Cafe Citra serves up something different

Written by Jocelyn Chui

When Hannah Lee opened her cafe in the U-district three months ago, she was ready to embrace the university culture along with the unlimited possibilities in the neighborhood. 

Originally called Citra Frozen Yoghurt, Hannah Lee changed its name to Café Citra after she bought the place from the previous owner. She decided to sell coffee and pastries on top of frozen yoghurt and bubble tea.  

“In Seattle it rains all the time, that’s why I added the coffee section,” Lee said. “When it’s cold out, people can have something warm.”

In order to find the best suiting coffee for her café…(more)


Fried vegan spring rolls! A specially prepared veggies + tofu stuffing wrapped in a paper-thin wheat flour skin. It’s a bit more process heavy, but worth the effort!

Makes about 15. You’ll need:

1 lotus root l 10 pcs shiitake mushroom l 1 slab firm white tofu, chopped into small cubes l 4 leaves of cabbage l 10 stalks of chives l Pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce, sea salt l Square spring roll pastry skins l

Blend the mushroom, cabbage and chives in a blender. Grate the lotus root finely. Transfer into a large bowl, add 1 tsp sea salt and let it sit while you prep the tofu.

Get a white cloth bag and place the chopped tofu in. Squeeze the excess water out gently but firmly, you won’t want to mash it too much. Put them in a pan, add oil and 1 tbsp soy sauce. Stir fry till it turns a light brown.

Squeeze the water out of the veggie mixture with the cloth bag too. Then mix them well with the tofu in a large bowl. Taste it at this point and season with pepper or more soy sauce.

Next, place about 2 tbsp of the filling into every square pastry skin. Of course this amount will vary depending on the size and shape of your skin. Fold the sides and roll it up. Or have fun making any shape you like. Triangles, round parcels, etc.

Heat some oil in a pan and fry them. Be careful to avoid heating the parts where the skin is thin or it’ll tear. You can also deep fry them in a pot of oil (but of course I don’t as it’s unhealthy!) Let excess oil drain on kitchen paper before serving.

Store any leftovers in the fridge and bake them for 10-15 mins in the oven the next time you’re hungry :)

A complete version of previous deep fried Chinese Spring roll recipe!


Hanging out 520 feet above Seattle on a beautiful day. The view from the Space Needle observation deck.